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Welcome to Digilegs, the Original Reverse Leg Stilts

Simply put, Area 51 Digilegs allow the wearer to achieve the successful transformation of their human legs into the hind quarters of a digitigrade animal. This opens up endless possibilities in regards to new character / creature design.

Whether you're a professional performer seeking a new platform to experiment with, or a character designer looking to unleash your creativity, Digilegs will allow you a whole new set of parameters to work within - truly an evolutionary leap in creature design.

Much research and development has gone into this revolutionary product to ensure usability and functionality.  Check the full Specifications.


Thumbs up from Kim Graham
Congratulations to Area 51 and my co-inventors! Bravo! What a wonderful accomplishment after all our years of hard work. Laura once told me that a reverse leg stilt was the "Holy Grail" of costuming. We started wanting to make the perfect werewolf costume and ended up being a part of something far more important. Congratulations again! These legs are everything we set out to do so long ago.


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Shipping Costs

UK: £16.79
Europe (EU): £36.11
United States: £102.90
Rest of the World: £110.05

The Digilegs have transit insurance automatically added to them to the value of £8.50. This will insure the full value of the Digileg whilst in transit.