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Watch this space for updates on Digilegs, and announcements of new accesories. We'll have pics and information of our new sprung hooves, which are due…
Main structure –Acid Etch primered steel with industrial graphite Cellulose finish Thigh and calf panels – ABS Cabling and fixings –Stainless steel Tread and cushioning –EVA…
Simply put, Area 51 Digilegs allow the wearer to achieve the successful transformation of their human legs into the hind quarters of a digitigrade animal.…

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Shipping Costs

UK: £16.79
Europe (EU): £36.11
United States: £102.90
Rest of the World: £110.05

The Digilegs have transit insurance automatically added to them to the value of £8.50. This will insure the full value of the Digileg whilst in transit.